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Yelo is now open 6am - 6pm

7 days text your coffee order 0438 153 945

269 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

…up in the fancy end of Rokeby is our newest coffee shop where we capture the history of Subiaco with photos of the old trams running down the middle of the Rokeby Road and locals still reminisce about the good old days in this iconic suburb. Consistent with Yelo’s commitment to employ local, Yelo Subiaco employ local young people from surrounding areas to join our team to give our customers the full Yelo experience. When Yelo moves into an area, staff respect the spirit of each community and the Subiaco community is loving our healthy food options including our unique acai bowls and our freshly made food from Yelo Kitchen. Yelo’s reputation as a specialty coffee shop has been enriched by the addition of our Subiaco store where locals create their own space to engage at a deeper level of community.

269 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco WA 6008

Text your order: 0438 153 945
Instagram: @yelosubiaco