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At Yelo, we are passionate about serving only the cleanest, freshest, and the most local meats available in the marketplace. Our aim is to source products that have no sugar, chemicals, additives and that arrive in our kitchen with as little processing as possible.

We support local, we buy local, we hire local.

Our breakfast items include fresh fruit salad, granola and local yoghurts, smashed avo on a selection of fresh baked toasts, bacon and egg wraps, rolls and pies. A selection of vegetarian options including mushroom and egg wraps, pies, frittatas and slices, porridge, fruit toasts and many more all day items such as smoothies and breakfast bowls to choose from.

Let’s not overlook our famous sweet, savoury and GF muffins that are baked fresh all day and come straight from Yelo Kitchen to our front counters, made with real ingredients as is our GF & DF coconut bread.

You can order any of our menu items all day from 6am-6pm. We have a huge selection of fresh food items on offer including our daily salads, frittatas and vegetarian slices, healthy wraps in chicken, organic beef or vegan option. We have continental and chicken flatbreads, kosher bagels with our fresh chicken or smoked salmon options and many delicious raw, vegan and GF options fill our display fridge for you to choose from. Our ‘clean ham’ filled croissants and toasties area Yelo staple that are on offer all day too.

We also have seasonal options such as our homemade soups, porridge, baguettes and smoothie bowls that are made fresh for you to enjoy


Freshly brewed teas…

We have a variety of milks available to suit everyone’s taste including Bannister Downs, Almond, Coconut, Vitasoy, Bonsoy, Rice, and Lactose free


The Acai we use in our bowls and smoothies is unique to Yelo. Our Acai is pure, organic & fair trade. It contains the highest content of Acai berry and has no added sugar, guarana or additives.